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Falk Kastell

About Falk Kastell

Falk KastellĀ“s work celebrates the beauty of the human being with all its facets. Using mediums from drawings in ink, over acrylic or watercolor paintings, oil on canvas, photography, and video portraits, Falk captures unique perspectives of the individuals in relation to nature, other humans, or themselves, in his unique way. His style is light and elegant, expressive and intuitive.

To Falk Kastell art is a power far beyond the reach of politics and common interests. He believes it to be an ennobling force that transforms a life into something greater. Hence his subjects are not political, but poetical, they are communicating and not commenting.

They are real and yet untangeable.

A poignant emotional message is included into each work.

The craftmanship and medium of the work, reflects the content of the message and becomes one in the work.

Great influences for Falk Kastells art are dance, beauty, nature, and feelings. His inspirations are drawn from a pool of imagination, and are symbolically connected with objects from reality.


Falk Kastell was born in 1986 in Heidelberg, Germany and grew up in the nature filled surroundings of a small town nearby. When he was four years old he decided to dance ballet, which his family promptly supported. He danced for more thann ten years and was accustomed to being on stage.

Besides graduating from school, Falk has always shown great interest in all sorts of artistic activities. Drawing, painting, dancing, writing poetry, filming and photography being some of them.

His early passions pathed his way into becoming a full-time artist. Practicing his talent in Mannheim Germany, Falk currently works in a huge studio space in the city center.

Many of his works have opened doors to wonderful projects to him. He has collaborated with other artists in live performances and has many interests and connections with other fields of the creative business.

He graduated in 2015 with an A+ in his Master degree.

He studied Communicationdesign in Mannheim, and Art and Photography in the UK.

His interest in Art - and its history - guarantee a profound understanding in the intellectual approach to his own work. Falk Kastell believes that Art should be meaningful, ennobling, enchanting and enriching the life of the viewer in a positive way.

Falk Kastell constantly refines his techniques, widenes his inner perspectives, and educates himself to be on top of his game. Each work is well-thought-out, and fulfilled to the best of the artistĀ“s abilities.

Falk Kastell is selling his art nationwide, as well as internationally over the Saatchi Art online platform. Painting on commission as well as free projects are amongst his routine.

Falk Kastell

Email:      linelight7@gmail.com

Address:  Seckenheimer Str. 110

68165 Mannheim


Nature is the greatest engineer of all. It needs no funding except for a bit of water and sun. Nature needs no laws except for a bit of space and time, and nature needs no attention for it is more farsighted through all its experience then all our shortsightedness in our lifespan. We will be forever the appendix in the system of nature trying to be the king.