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Frida Kahlo

For many years a friendship and creative bond have formed between  the Kevin O´Day Ballet company Nationaltheater Mannheim and Falk Kastell.

In Dominique Dumais piece Frida Kahlo, she choreographed a poetic and strong image of Fridas life and character. As a celebration of this work, Falk was commissioned to create a painting which would encompass everything about Frida: her life, her soul, and the ballet created by Dominique.

The style of this painting reflects Frida´s journals. These journals, unlike her meticulously painted oil-paintings, are a savage expression of her purest thoughts and emotions.

Painted on both sides, it tells a chronological story of Frida´s upbringing, her early years, her marriage to Diego Rivera and what went on inside of her emotionally. The figures and chlothes that appear, are inspired by the dancers who perform the piece on stage and by the traditions of Mexico.  Mythological figures from Egypt and Mexico have been included to symbolize the polarities of Fridas roots and her character, as well as her diverse and colourful environment.

The work measures 8m in length and 3,2m in height, and was displayed in the Foyer of the Nationaltheater in Mannheim. It can now be seen in the studio space of Falk Kastell.