Everywhere are people around us, who tell us something about themselves. Hence there are millions of possible portraits around us as well. Capturing them is an adventure, which needs lots of skill.

Like a hunter, one needs a keen eye, a swift heart, and a quick hand.

A sense of time and space is indispensable when it comes to deciding when, where, and how to push the button, which will slice through time like a knife, cutting out a moment and preserving it forever.

People are fascinating to me.

There is a story in their eyes, in their movement, in the way they behave. Understanding and filtering these personal messages from strangers is a wonderful opportunity to learn the language of the human being.

A Portrait is an art in and of itself. Within my portraits can be found dreams, wishes, fears, hopes, messages and meanings. I give space to each person in a unique environment, which reflects and contributes to the unique character.

Sometimes this moment, when a soul is naked in front of a camera, can be found even on the street, while being fully dressed.

It´s a matter of being really open and accepting of the other person.

Then magic will happen.